Welcome to, where we will try to take ourselves VERY seriously…or at least as serious as one can be while wearing goggles. Because afterall, how can you be #EnduroBro if you aren’t rocking your #EnduroGoggles right?Among many of our rational and irrational thoughts on EnduroBro, among other things, we invite you to check back from time to time in a manner consistent with most blogs, which is to say, frequently at first and then every other year should suffice going forward…Actually, Bri has stated that my inability to slap fresh content upon our public outcry for attention will result in punishment that cannot be printed here due to excessive harshness that would be inappropriate to share with the world at large. I’ll try my best dear.So check back for more musings from people who should really be working and not having fun with this site…Just be sure to wear your goggles for maximum viewing pleasure.


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