This last weekend we had a truck full of 5 people, bikes and gear for 3 incredible days at Mammoth Mountain. The crew this weekend was myself, Maddie, Alexandra, Soda, Brian, Rick and Zach. We then had some additions that didn’t stay with us, but came to shred, SeanSolo who left his house at 2am rode all day and then drove back home and got there at 11:30pm!!! Essence and Nathan joined us for two days of fun as well as Jesse aka Endurobro!

We started off day one by doing a warm up on velocity….might not have been the best warm up run! LOL. We then met up with locals Matt Guntert and Gabe Taylor who gave us a preview of the new race course for this year. Some of the trails are the same awesome ones we have ridden in the past, but there are two new kickass stages that are going to be so rowdy!!!

We all scoped out lines on the rock garden on DC10 for a bit, that one is tricky for sure!! It’s super steep and rocky and you either have the chunky right line or the sketch left line with a drop at the end. The trick on that one is that the Mammoth kitty litter is so deep you can’t really control where you want to go! None of us ladies tried it, we all looked at it too long so we decided to come back to it the next day. We then did a lady train the rest of the way down DC10, it was awesome!

We also rode the snow pile that I was eyeing every time we went up the gondola. That shit was slicker than it looks, we were all dying laughing as we slid down the slab! I learned that Jesse is so much fun to ride with, he is so funny and animated it just makes the experience that much more entertaining!

It was Alexandra’s birthday on Saturday, little did she know that we contacted her parents to see what her favorite bday cake was. Maddie and I worked on this triple chocolate Kahlua cake all afternoon…we had lots of technical difficulties to say the least. LOL but she was super surprised, which was the plan!!! 🙂

Day 2 we shredded more on every trail and just had way too much fun! We decided to go over to DC10 to try the rock garden. I scoped out a new line that wasn’t there the day before and I pointed it out to the girls. Essence was the first to try it and she totally nailed it!! So Alexandra went next and she nailed it as well. I thought…well shit…I guess I have to try it now too. It was super sketch and I didn’t really hit the line I wanted on the drop, but I made it anyway!! It was so awesome cheering each other on! Soda screamed louder than I did when I went off the drop, it was pretty funny!

On our last run, all of the boys and girls went together on Bullet to scope out some lines. It was probably the most fun run of the day as the guys showed us the lines and all of us ladies followed, the cheering from everyone was INCREDIBLE!!! We are so lucky to have such awesome friends!

After we were done shredding we headed over to the infamous Wild Willey’s hot springs. There were more people than I have ever seen out there before! It was fun to take everyone out there since it’s a fun tourist spot to go. After that all of the ladies did some Arbonne face masks, we even got Brian to play too!! We looked like Oompa Loompas!

On Monday, it was our last day, we all headed to the top of the Gondola and ended up taking off in two different directions. Alexandra and I ended up shredding as many laps, laps, laps that we could. I had a couple of silly crashes that had my laughing hysterically, Alexandra was probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me. LOL

We then tired to ride the snow bank again which was a total failure!!!

The drive home was one of the fastest ever since we were on such a high from the fun weekend we were just telling stories and laughing the whole way! Rick and Brian said that one of the most fun parts of the weekend was watching us girls tackle the gnar sections and nail them! We thought so too!!! I can’t wait for the Kamikaze games next weekend, it’s going to be another epic week!! If you haven’t registered yet, you definitely should!


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