CES #1 2018 | Toro Park Enduro

This last weekend was a blast at the first CES of the year! Not only was it race weekend, but it was my birthday weekend so my parents, sister, brother inlaw and nephew were all in town which added to the fun.

Leading up to the race the dirt was super dry and loose every time we would practice, but day of… was so good! We woke up and realized it had rained the night before and it was still super foggy and doing the fog rain thing it does here so the dirt was on point. We got to the venue nice and early so we could get a good parking spot on the grass, we were 3rd in line behind the CES crew, so we got a super star spot to set up camp.

The pros/experts got to start on the DH courses first, so with my jacket on we headed over to the first stage Barlow. For this being my local course, the DH courses I know the least because they aren’t open trails except for during the race. My goal on these stages was to minimize mistakes and stay up right because the corners are LOOSE! I made it down the first DH Stage with little mistakes, but felt a little slow on the loose turns. I was stoked that the pro men put in some nice lines for us. Next we headed up to the 2nd stage, which was Bessie DH #2, this one is one of my favorites because it’s fast and flowy! Again, made it down without any mistakes.

Photo Credit: Kasey Carames

Next we headed over to the other side of the mountain. These next 3 stages were my favorite even though they have a lot of pedaling! We started with Meyers loop first, I felt really good on this stage. I nailed all of my lines and rode super smooth.

Photo Credit: Kasey Carames

Next we pedaled up to Rail Trail, which is another favorite of mine. We had quite a line to wait in at this stage and as it got closer for us to go we thought we heard some cow sounds. I thought, no it must be people watching at the corner with some cow horns or something….little did I know I was COMPLETELY WRONG!! As you may or not know, I am terrified of cows. Stupid, but totally true! They are so big and as my favorite National Geographic Explorer Mireya Mayor loves to remind me, more people are killed by cows in the US than sharks world wide!!! So it was my turn to go and I get a few seconds off the start and around the corner is a group of HUGE COWS!!! I see a baby cow on the trail on the left side and the mother presumably on the right side, I slowed down not knowing where to go because I was basically going to have to go in between them….I heard some guys yell, “Go, Bri, just pedal through!”. So I thought shit, here I go…so I started pedaling super hard to try to avoid the mom and as I pedaled at her, she started charging me! I was screaming bloody murder and had to go off the trail almost into a tree to miss getting trampled by her. Needless to say, I ALMOST DIED!!!! I had to tell my self to focus and get my shit back together to finish the stage. I did, but it wasn’t easy!! I didn’t care that the cow chased me and cost me time, I was just SO HAPPY to be alive!! LOL I’m pretty sure everyone at the finish line was laughing at me because I was so worked up from it!! I hope that NEVER happens again on a race stage!!

Photo Credit: Kasey Carames

The last stage of the day was Pipeline, and I knew it was going to be tough for a couple of reasons. 1, because it’s a long stage with a lot of places to make mistakes and 2, because we had a long day of climbing. Pipeline is a very narrow single track with a drop on one side and an up hill on the other, so there is no room for error! I was also a little nervous because I had a stupid crash the weekend before on it and that’s never fun remembering the crash! (See my instagram @brilikesbikes for the video of the crash) I knew all I had to do on this stage was keep it up right, slow was going to be the new fast on this one. I started out pedaling super hard and got into my flow, as I came around the turns I started to see all of the skid marks off the trail so I kept telling myself to take it easy and look ahead. I came around the first blind turn and half of the trail was gone from people missing the turn, I immediately slowed down so I didn’t go off of any of the corners. It wasn’t my fastest times on Pipeline, but it was for sure the safest. It was worth not crashing or making any mistakes!

I felt pretty good with the day, I did what I thought was good enough for the podium. When the results came out I was stoked to land in 2nd place. Essence had a good lead, but the rest of us were really close on time. I was so happy that my family was there to celebrate with me, and my nephew Sterling was so excited to be around all of the bikes! Brian ended up kicking ass and won his class and had a pretty good time overall!!! Nothing is better than racing bikes with the love of your life along with friends and family!

Photo Credit: Mallory Smith

Huge shout out to my sponsors! I love my Canyon Strive so much, it’s such a great bike for a race like this with a ton of pedaling, but some good downhills where the suspension is needed. I feel like I can climb all day on this bike! My DNA Cycling jersey is on point this year, and my nephew looks good in it too!! California Enduro Series for having the best race community out there. Skratch Labs always keeps me fueled during the race, in fact, I handed my dad a bag of chews to give me at the end of the stage and when I asked him for them he said he ate them, DAD!!!! Smith Optics, KMC, G-Form, Grifall Family Chiro, Sweet Protection, Twin Six, thanks for all the support!

Photo Credit: Kasey Carames

Photo Credit: Heather Cooper


Photo Credit: Me!



Shred down the Canyon….

Guys, I’m SOOOO Excited to announce that I’m partnering with Canyon Bikes!

As you know, Canyon is new to the USA and I’m so thrilled to be working with them to share how awesome their bikes are and get more people shredding on them!

For 2018 I’m going to be racing the Strive 8.0, this bike is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I have been doing some testing on this steed and I can’t wait to take it to the big kid playground!

For the suspension, I’m back on my favorite trusty Fox Factory Float DPX2 with 160 travel and a Fox Float 36 up front with 170 travel. Now here comes the BEST part, this bike has the Shapeshifter….this thing is a game changer. With a flick of the switch, I can have a super solid “XC” like climbing experience where the bike is in a more comfortable position. When I lock out the rear suspension with the Shapeshifter engaged, this bike doesn’t move at all, it’s like I’m climbing with my hard tail and it’s AWESOME!! Then when I get to the down hill, I just switch the shapeshifter off and I am in full downhill mode and it’s so cush!

I can’t wait to race this beast, I’m still working on a name for her, so stay tuned!

My nephew is so excited for me!!


Thank you Marin!

To my Marin Family – a heartfelt thank you for the last 3 years of fun! It has been a truly incredible experience to be a part of your team and a journey that I will not soon forget. I can’t thank you enough for all of the generous support you provided – and staying committed to me during the good times and tough ones too.

From the first time I got on the Attack Trail in Santa Cruz, I knew that bike was something special. It helped improve my confidence knowing that as long as I was in the right position, the bike would get me down just about anything! In addition to helping me grow as a rider, it took me to many podiums in several states and lots of unforgettable adventures. As we turn the page going forward, I will always value the friendships made along the way.

Thank you so much for the support!

Cheers to new adventures!




Mammoth Mountain | Kamikaze bike games pre race fun!!

This last weekend we had a truck full of 5 people, bikes and gear for 3 incredible days at Mammoth Mountain. The crew this weekend was myself, Maddie, Alexandra, Soda, Brian, Rick and Zach. We then had some additions that didn’t stay with us, but came to shred, SeanSolo who left his house at 2am rode all day and then drove back home and got there at 11:30pm!!! Essence and Nathan joined us for two days of fun as well as Jesse aka Endurobro!

We started off day one by doing a warm up on velocity….might not have been the best warm up run! LOL. We then met up with locals Matt Guntert and Gabe Taylor who gave us a preview of the new race course for this year. Some of the trails are the same awesome ones we have ridden in the past, but there are two new kickass stages that are going to be so rowdy!!!

We all scoped out lines on the rock garden on DC10 for a bit, that one is tricky for sure!! It’s super steep and rocky and you either have the chunky right line or the sketch left line with a drop at the end. The trick on that one is that the Mammoth kitty litter is so deep you can’t really control where you want to go! None of us ladies tried it, we all looked at it too long so we decided to come back to it the next day. We then did a lady train the rest of the way down DC10, it was awesome!

We also rode the snow pile that I was eyeing every time we went up the gondola. That shit was slicker than it looks, we were all dying laughing as we slid down the slab! I learned that Jesse is so much fun to ride with, he is so funny and animated it just makes the experience that much more entertaining!

It was Alexandra’s birthday on Saturday, little did she know that we contacted her parents to see what her favorite bday cake was. Maddie and I worked on this triple chocolate Kahlua cake all afternoon…we had lots of technical difficulties to say the least. LOL but she was super surprised, which was the plan!!! 🙂

Day 2 we shredded more on every trail and just had way too much fun! We decided to go over to DC10 to try the rock garden. I scoped out a new line that wasn’t there the day before and I pointed it out to the girls. Essence was the first to try it and she totally nailed it!! So Alexandra went next and she nailed it as well. I thought…well shit…I guess I have to try it now too. It was super sketch and I didn’t really hit the line I wanted on the drop, but I made it anyway!! It was so awesome cheering each other on! Soda screamed louder than I did when I went off the drop, it was pretty funny!

On our last run, all of the boys and girls went together on Bullet to scope out some lines. It was probably the most fun run of the day as the guys showed us the lines and all of us ladies followed, the cheering from everyone was INCREDIBLE!!! We are so lucky to have such awesome friends!

After we were done shredding we headed over to the infamous Wild Willey’s hot springs. There were more people than I have ever seen out there before! It was fun to take everyone out there since it’s a fun tourist spot to go. After that all of the ladies did some Arbonne face masks, we even got Brian to play too!! We looked like Oompa Loompas!

On Monday, it was our last day, we all headed to the top of the Gondola and ended up taking off in two different directions. Alexandra and I ended up shredding as many laps, laps, laps that we could. I had a couple of silly crashes that had my laughing hysterically, Alexandra was probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me. LOL

We then tired to ride the snow bank again which was a total failure!!!

The drive home was one of the fastest ever since we were on such a high from the fun weekend we were just telling stories and laughing the whole way! Rick and Brian said that one of the most fun parts of the weekend was watching us girls tackle the gnar sections and nail them! We thought so too!!! I can’t wait for the Kamikaze games next weekend, it’s going to be another epic week!! If you haven’t registered yet, you definitely should!